Можно ли телу передать заряд равный 2 5q

Можно ли телу передать заряд равный 2 5q

For example, in an English locale, enter 1/2/ for Jan 2, All date formats are dependent on the locale that is set in Tools - Options' - Language settings. Did you know? If you have a question about Vimeo, chances are we’ve already answered it in our FAQ. Take a look-see. Proposal “Should-Payouts-Continue“ (Completed)Back. Title: I could pull people off abob54's team to help until the end of the month, if needed. Reply. 7 day, 14 day and 25 day weather forecasts for Lara Beach. Accurate and updated regularly by Holiday Weather. This is "Гостиница "Парус" местный номер в блоке (2+2 или 2+3)" by sanatorium on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and.

Toggle navigation. Budget Home Getting started Register Login. DASH price: Proposal description Hi, masternode owners. It requested 79 Dash in labor and 67 Dash for paid incentives. This is many more work hours than we budgeted for, and it might still grow.

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Thank you for your time, and for entrusting us to grow your investment. Discussion: Should we fund this proposal? Submit comment.

Можно ли телу передать заряд равный 2 5q

No comments so far? Be the first to start the discussion! Is this proposal well funded enough?

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Do we let the same person set up multiple dash wallets? Because not doing it would be an error. We need to have many people connected that use dash. SO they start using it among them.

First of all I like the fact that you use the budget asking governance questions. I hope you agree that those governance questions should be cheep. On the subject now: You have already invited in Dash the ignorants and third world people that are using twitter or facebook.

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Could you please now focus on the Knowledgeable? Here is the list of countries that support electornic sugnatures for their citizents. You can keep a percentage among the invited ingorants and Knowledgeable. If you dont know what is the correct percentage to keep, vote the numbers for it.

Getting an accountable answer to a serious governance question can very hardly be cheap. The point about the rest of the comment regarding "the knowledgeable" and "the ignorants" is very hard to comprehend. And of course, if you see that the decided percentage between ignorants and knowledgeable is not achieved, you should increase the bounty to whatever group remains skeptical, and until the desired pecentage is reached.

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  • TaoOfSatoshi 0 points, 2 years ago. I agree to using any leftover budget funds for this promotion, and have it be an ongoing thing. It makes sense to get Dash out there into the hands of people who can spread it around to their local communities.


    Dashzilla 1 point, 2 years ago. This is a worthy project to scoop any remaining monthly budget into- I would vote for this as a proposal as if we can foster growth in the communities we are seeing on twitter Venezuela, Nigeria, Indonesia, India, Columbia - This adds significant value to the Dash block chain. Technologov 0 points, 2 years ago. Not only did I vote yes, I published my photo with Juan Sebastian today!

    This is a great campaign! Thanks Amanda! Bossie 5 points, 2 years ago. Trust is not something you will get but you deserve it over a long time. I know that Amanda will do only good things for Dash so you will have my votes for a new proposal. Thanks for all your work you have done so far.

    TanteStefana 2 points, 2 years ago. If you got more funding than you need, we all know you will put it to good use. At the moment, if something is working really really well, why change it? Slam dunk yes. This also presents another opportunity. They just offered to help Amanda B. Johnson with this new very successful viral marketing campaign. I have assigned a tech support worker to assist Amanda in the ramp-up period. He manages others and can bring them on to scale this, if necessary.

    I will cover their wages myself and go to other investor colleagues for direct investment, if need be. After this, I can have a programmer write a tracking program to see data about public key usage.

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    Jensei 2 points, 2 years ago. Keep it going! If you can roll out a similar event every month or every other month that would be great. Please take more of our money. I would vote yes if you asked for 10x the amount. This right here, folks. Amanda, you can sleep next month. Absolutely, yes, yes, and another yes. You just made a viral campaign, Amanda. This type of thing is rare and maintaining momentum is critical.

    Every Dash holder will benefit to see how big it can go. Will definitely throw my votes at it, and rally votes for this any way I can. Aside from funding for increased payouts, is there any way a group of us could be organized to help with fraud checks? I have a tech support worker who has been briefed on the promotion and the specifics of the task, and is ready to begin now.

    We can scale support beyond 1 person if necessary.

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    This promotion is too valuable to slow down. Mizzymax 2 points, 2 years ago. For sure Amanda, this is the only way we should be marketing Dash. Highly encouraged this marketing tactic. Though it needs to be much much cheaper. Dashzilla 2 points, 2 years ago. Yes and please expand the firstDashWallet DashRedWhale 1 point, 2 years ago. Uppercut 1 point, 2 years ago. TanteStefana 1 point, 2 years ago. If I could know these things ahead of time, I would never have run out in the first place.

    IronVape 1 point, 2 years ago. TroyDASH 1 point, 2 years ago. Yes -- there is zero chance the budget is going to be full this month, and this is a relatively cheap way to get more people engaged.

    Можно ли телу передать заряд равный 2 5q

    I think that giving away dash in campaigns like this brings way more value to the network than having the coins not be created. I look forward to seeing the details once the first week finishes. Congrats on such a great success!

    How are you measuring if this is successful? Do we have an idea of how many people who get a wallet end up investing in some way? Jensei 3 points, 2 years ago. If new people receive Dash, then it is successful. Exactly this. This is a competitive advantage that Dash has, that no other coin has.

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    We must use it.